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Fire Twirling

Fire Show with Pyrotechnics and Live Beats

On 08, Feb 2010 | 19 Comments | In Fire Twirling, Hooping, Juggling, Shows, video | By Kyle

We delivered this fire show at Jupiter’s Casino, on the gold coast, QLD, Australia.
Youtube Link

Virtuoso percussion and didge by the truly unique Wild Marmalade. Great band. The band

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  1. [..YouTube..] Can I get a “Hell Yeah”? ;)Wicked dude, can’t wait to see you at UberFrog :hug:

  2. [..YouTube..] Wow!! That double staff contacty thing is deadly!!Grrr not goin over to UberF… Peace :o)

  3. [..YouTube..] Cheers! Yeah, really really looking forwards to uber paris!! (Or frog lol) I just say Paris in case anyone wants to search for it…

  4. [..YouTube..] be good to catch up Durbs, I think we are in fact staying in the same house there 🙂

  5. [..YouTube..] what did you use to the sparkling staff??that was really nice! really fatt sparkles

  6. [..YouTube..] The sparks rock, Hell of a finalle

  7. [..YouTube..] very nice !

  8. [..YouTube..] I wonder if it’s some kind of fireworks… its quite impressive!

  9. [..YouTube..] Hey love the video, possible you can let me know what you use to make those sparkles…. is it possible to buy online? Love your stuff Wild Marmalide… hopefully we can work together in the future sometime!!!

  10. [..YouTube..] Hey Carelbester, glad you liked it 🙂 No you can’t get these online. If you want to talk about it more maybe pop me an email? Oh Wild Marmalade is the band by the way, links to us and to the band are both in the video description. Cheers, Kyle

  11. [..YouTube..] Hey Guys. Nice show… Very diverse and lots of cool new tricks. I also really liked the sparklers. Are you using steel wool? Do you use a battery to set it off like that? Looks wicked. Would be cool to hook up in the future. PEACE

  12. [..YouTube..] good job

  13. [..YouTube..] does anybody know where is this?? so good!!

  14. [..YouTube..] It’s on the Gold Coast, near Brisbane, Australia.

  15. [..YouTube..] Great Video! I’m loving it! Great Performance!We did one too. We would like to get some comments on it. Have a look for “Savatio Draconis”.thanksprkmartin

  16. haha nice, those kids get around! i met them a couple years ago here in austria @ Pflasterspektakel and they played a live show for the finale fire spectacle, man oh man i’ve never seen such a crowd! Afterwards they played at the private after party for about 300 street performers and woooeee… beyond words… these kids really know how to throw down beautiful and energetic tunes! book them for überoz!!! 😀

  17. Yeah they really really do rock hey? Looking forwards to working with them more…

  18. Hallo! Great! Will come here more often 🙂 .

  19. ÿþV

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