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Object manipulations and projections

This is a Hybrid Art collaboration with our good friend Jay Latour from France.

Object Manipulation: Jay Latour
Programing & Music: Kyle McLean
Software: VVVV, Ableton, Reason

Project proudly supported by Brisbane City Council & Visible Ink

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  1. sara

    December 1, 2009 7:30 pm
    Wow! Thats amazing 🙂

  2. It is a very nice impressionistic video. Juggling and video projection has future!
    It is pity, that you didn’t come to OZORA.
    Greetings to Jay! He is very good friend of me too.
    You can see “hand made” painting of me here:

  3. Ngaur

    Pretty Cool.

    Are the effects done in real time or afterwards? Ie is it an impression of what you can do with a live show, or something you have to watch the video to see?

  4. Kyle

    Hey Linda,
    Nice video! I would love to see more of the show. Oh and was very sorry to have missed you in Hungry…

    This was all realtime projections. There are no post production FX at all. The projections are just programed to follow Jay around.

  5. shanee

    saw a girl doing this with contact juggling at burning man and lordy, it blew me away!! a beautiful concept with very interesting execution, good job!!

  6. Kyle

    Thanks Shanee 🙂
    Was the girl at BM an Anna by any chance?

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