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Project Showcase

Curl Noise Curl Noise

By Kyle

On 24, May 2015 | In | By Kyle

Curl Noise

Real time graphics research in vvvv/ HLSL.  In vector calculus, the curl is a vector operator that describes the infinitesimal rotation of a vector field in three-dimensional Euclidean space. At every point in the field, the curl of that point is represented by a vector. The attributes of this vector (length and direction) characterize the rotation at that point.

So math part over, if you’re still reading this is really fun stuff to visualize, resulting in fluid like forms arising in endless and hypnotic variations.

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Little Planets Little Planets

On 24, May 2014 | In | By Kyle

Little Planets

We developed custom software for creating ‘little planet’ images, or stereographic projections as they are technically named.

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Rapid Projection Mapping System

We developed a very fast and flexible projection mapping system which we were asked to present at Pecha Kucha Brisbane. This was part of that demonstration, however the same setup can very rapidly map out all sorts of shapes.

We’ve since moved on to 3D, but this still gets used quite a bit too due to it’s flexibility.

Programming: Kyle McLean
Editing: Eva Luenig
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti
Music: Antony Raijekov (CC BY)

By Kyle

On 12, Jul 2012 | In | By Kyle

1st place Video for Circles of Light International Competition

We spent a little bit of time in an ex CIA spy station drinking tea and making a juggling short film. It was a really fun film to make and as a real bonus it came first in the 2009 Home of Poi international COL competition.

Concept: Eva Luenig & Kyle Mclean
Editor: Eva Luenig
Performer & Music: Kyle McLean
Camera: Eva Luenig & Holger Radeke

On 12, Jul 2012 | In | By Kyle

Performance and Projections- Research

This is a collaboration with my good friend Jay Latour from France. This is really only the start of our investigations with combining object manipulations and projections, we were pleasantly surprised with the results though!

Object Manipulation: Jay Latour
Programing & Music: Kyle McLean
Software: VVVV, Ableton, Reason

Project proudly supported by Visible Ink