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Instance Noodles Toolkit

On 07, Dec 2016 | No Comments | In | By Kyle

Instance Noodles Toolkit

Wait what?

Instance Noodles is our publicly released free vvvv library to quickly prototype visual applications that run on the ferocious power of modern graphics cards.  It enables a hyper fast visual workflow for what’s known as GPGPU programming as well as modules that create and manipulate 3D geometry. In a nutshell GPGPU allows us to use the graphics card beyond it’s traditional role of drawing things to compute quite a few general algorithmic feats, and accomplish data wrangling that in many cases is orders of magnitude faster then traditional CPU based programming, particularly when dealing with massive arrays.

Who uses it?

After starting out as a research project, we now use it ourselves for most projects in-house (see most recently The Art Of Intelligence).  It’s also been spotted in the wild being used by a pretty cool range of realtime graphics practitioners all over the world.  Here’s some of our favorite to date:

Impressive Party visuals in Ibiza

Fulldome Shows in Montreal

Virtual Reality Touring Shows in Belgium/France/Germany/Czech Republic

Art Installations in Bratislava

Branding in Madrid

Crazy Code Art in London

+ at least two Masters Thesis that we know of



Impressive Party visuals


Fulldome Shows


On 23, Nov 2014 | In | By Kyle

Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium is an interactive experience to help inspire and educate children about the importance of sustainable seas.

Through creativity and technology, guests at SEA LIFE Sydney & Melbourne Aquariums have the opportunity to draw their own undersea creature and add their unique artwork to a digital underwater world filled with colorful and vibrant aquatic animals.



Little Planets Little Planets

On 24, May 2014 | In | By Kyle

Little Planets

We developed custom software for creating ‘little planet’ images, or stereographic projections as they are technically named.

Click below to see the full gallery.

Read more…

On 23, Jan 2014 | In | By Kyle

Virtual Reality DJ Experience

We were asked to create a pop up experience for BIGSOUND 2013’s Music + Design exhibition.  We took advantage of this blank slate creative project to produce our first VR experience, a virtual reality DJ setup using an Oculus Rift development kit and a real world Midi controller piped in to VR land via webcam.  Was a really interesting experience to develop for VR and I think it’s safe to say we are hooked.  The video includes some user commentary, as VR is a bit hard to ‘get’ from a web video.

Software used was Live, Max for Live & VVVV

VR programming, content & editing: Kyle McLean

Exhibition Curator: Romy Willing

Camera: Stewart Tyrel

On 12, Jul 2012 | In | By Kyle

Musical Visions Server

Following separate channels of live music, the server projects responsive media back on to the performers and their environment.

Developed in VVVV.

Programming: Kyle McLean
Musicians: Eva Luenig, Delany Delaney, Kyle McLean
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti

Rapid Projection Mapping System

We developed a very fast and flexible projection mapping system which we were asked to present at Pecha Kucha Brisbane. This was part of that demonstration, however the same setup can very rapidly map out all sorts of shapes.

We’ve since moved on to 3D, but this still gets used quite a bit too due to it’s flexibility.

Programming: Kyle McLean
Editing: Eva Luenig
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti
Music: Antony Raijekov (CC BY)

On 12, Jul 2012 | In | By Kyle

UAP- Asia Pacific Design Triennial

Everyone is Happy Productions was asked to create a site specific light installation for Urban Art Projects (UAP).  As a part of the Unlimited Asia-Pacific design triennial, UAP hosted a dinner bringing together 70 leading business people, policy makers, designers, researchers and academics.  Speakers for the evening included Managing Director of the ABC Mark Scott, Unlimited Creative Director Ewan McEoin, and UAP CEO Ben Tait.