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Project Showcase

Engram : Data Sculpture for Melting Memories

From February 7 through March 17, 2018, Pilevneli Gallery presented Refik Anadol’s latest project on the materiality of remembering. Melting Memories offered new insights into the representational possibilities emerging from the intersection of advanced technology and contemporary art. By showcasing several interdisciplinary projects that translate the elusive process of memory retrieval into data collections, the exhibition immersed visitors in Anadol’s creative vision of “recollection.”

We wrote custom software transposing EEG data in to procedural noise forms- a really engaging challenge, both technically and conceptually.

In the input data and our mapped representation you can find recurrence and rhythm but also hints of higher dimensional structures. We wanted to do this efficiently and in real time and so working on Melting Memories dovetailed nicely with putting the last touches on FieldTrip, an (at the time pre-release) open source GPU library for HLSL/VVVV. It allowed us to use a composite design pattern to very quickly iterate while producing the aesthetic structures used in the project. This approach enabled us to really explore some deeper procedural functions whilst keeping a completely modular graphics pipeline. This modularity makes it easy and clean to expand on the project’s abstracted content in really interesting ways, such as further integration of machine learning on the source data, evolving rendering techniques
and the creation of sculpted physical artifacts.


3+1 AP

6M x 5M Media Wall, 3MM LED, Custom Software

Sound Design : Kerim Karaoglu

Custom Software : Kyle McLean

Deaigned and developed at Refik Anadol Studio

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