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We Live in an Ocean of Air

Waifu Synthesis- real time generative anime

CONSTELLATIONS – Joanie Lemercier

Deep neural network paintings of the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Mycelium Droid

Engram : Data Sculpture for Melting Memories


Voxel Noise

Siemens- Art of Intelligence

Instance Noodles Toolkit

Realtime AV direct to 360 VR video.

Kinect2 Weissenborn Guitar Performance

Curl Noise

Art Aquarium

The Edge Digital Culture Center- Projection Mapping

Little Planets

Virtual Reality DJ Experience

Stage Projections- Destellos @ Feria Leon

United Nations- DPI NGO Conference Opening Video

Musical Visions Server

ESRI- Ultra HD Gala Content

Rapid Projection Mapping System

UAP- Asia Pacific Design Triennial

Outcast Opera Company- Bedlam

Performance and Projections- Research